Artist Uncovered series

Artist Uncovered is a series of 18 short films commissioned by Scottish charity Art in Healthcare. Each film below offers a unique insight into the life and work of a different Scottish artist. These artists, amongst many other artists, have work in Art in Healthcare’s extensive and impressive art collection. Art in Healthcare leases out art works at nominal rates to hospitals, GPs and other healthcare facilities, to create spaces through art that encourage the process of healing.



Nicole Bennett still

Artist Uncovered: Nicole Bennet
November 2015, 6  minutes
A portrait of Dundee-based mixed-media artist Nicole Bennett, whose versatile work evokes nostalgia and reflection through drawing, painting, video and sculpture.
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David Michie still

Artist Uncovered: David Michie
November 2015, 6  minutes
An intimate and poignant portrait of the late David Michie (1928-1915), the esteemed artist who reflects on how his work celebrates the ‘romance’ of nature and life.
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Emily Learmont still

Artist Uncovered: Emily Learmont
October 2015, 5 minutes
This film observes painter and illustrator, Emily Learmont, painstakingly embellish an oil painting as she explains her contrasting approaches to painting and illustrating, and reflects on the scale and diversity of her captivating work.
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Ade Adesina still

Artist Uncovered: Ade Adesina
September 2015, 6 minutes
An intimate portrait of Aberdeen-based ecological printmaker and artist, Ade Adesina, who exhibited his exciting work and won an award at London’s Royal Academy of Art in the summer of 2015.
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Elspeth Lamb still

Artist Uncovered: Elspeth Lamb
September 2015, 4 min 25 sec
Glimpses into the work of Elspeth Lamb, the eminent Glasgow-based printmaker.
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Leo du Feu still

Artist Uncovered: Leo du Feu
July 2015, 5 min 30 sec
A meditative portrait of talented landscape artist Leo du Feu.
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Trevor Jones still

Artist Uncovered: Trevor Jones
June 2015, 6 minutes
A snapshot portrait of Canadian artist Trevor Jones who is breaking new ground in exploring the relationship between art and technology.
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gayle robinson still

Artist Uncovered: Gayle Robinson
June 2015, 5 minutes
An insight into the work of Glaswegian printmaker Gayle Robinson as she creates a colourful collograph.
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Catriona Mann still

Artist Uncovered: Catriona Mann
March 2015, 7 minutes
An intimate portrait of Scottish artist Catriona Mann and her work.
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Alan McGowan still

Artist Uncovered: Alan McGowan
February 2015, 5 min 30sec
An insight into the thoughts and work of figurative artist Alan McGowan, whose paintings are powerful, thought-provoking and occasionally disturbing studies of the human body.
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George Donald still

Artist Uncovered: George Donald
January 2015, 6 min
A portrait of the celebrated Scottish artist George Donald as he explains the philosophy behind his thought-provoking paintings.
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Marjorie Campbell still

Artist Uncovered: Marjorie Campbell
October 2014, 6 mins
A portrait of (late) Marjorie Campbell, a versatile artist whose life and work is celebrated through the recollections of her sister, Alison Kerr.
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Marj Bond still

Artist Uncovered: Marj Bond
September 2014, 6 minutes
A glimpse into the fascinating life and work of leading Scottish artist Marj Bond.
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Carolyn Burchell still

Artist Uncovered: Carolyn Burchell
June 2014, 5 minutes
A glimpse into the studio, art and life of artist Carolyn Burchell.
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Oliver Reed Still

Artist Uncovered: Oliver Reed
May 2014, 6 minutes
An insight into the multitude of inspirations behind Oliver Reed’s work as we watch him furiously splatter paint, scrape, scratch and pound the surface of a magnificent landscape painting.
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Gill Tyson Still

Artist Uncovered: Gill Tyson
May 2014, 6 minutes
An insight into the work and practices of award-winning printmaker Gill Tyson, as she sketches outdoors and prepares to create a print at Edinburgh Printmakers Studio.
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Cat Outram Still

Artist Uncovered: Cat Outram
Feb 2014, 6 minutes
A portrait of printmaker, Cat Outram, as she explains her work and creates a print at Edinburgh Printmakers Studio.
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Art in Healthcare Uncovered still

Art in Healthcare Uncovered
December 2015, 8 minutes
Prominent Scottish artists celebrate the achievements of the Edinburgh-based charity, Art in Healthcare, and reflect on the impact on their own work of their interactions over the years with Art in Healthcare.
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